Father’s Wedding Tradition

The best part of traditions are the excitement of being apart of one as well as creating your take on the memory. When a father walks the bride down the aisle it was originally for the father to give the bride away. However, I believe now-a-days, fathers walk their daughter down the aisle as more of a sign of love, respect, and assurance that he is behind his daughter getting married. In honor of Father’s Day, here are real Solutions Brides and their fathers.


Girl With a Serious Dream Trunk Show

On June 7th, Solutions Bridal will be hosting a trunk show!  Anita, designer of Girl With A Serious Dream, will be in our salon taking private appointments. Anita is a Florida native and hand makes beautiful one of a kind robes, veils, and lingerie. French silk and alencon lace are used in creating each garment.  Booking an appointment with Anita will give each bride the chance to create a custom veil and robe for her wedding day. To book an appointment call 407-647-8666.

11 facts we bet you didn’t know about Solutions Bridal

1. Owner, Newell Fox, opened Solutions Bridal in 2002 with an entrepreneurial spirit and a gap in the  industry for a first class bridal experience. Fox owned his own DJ and Entertainment company, this is where he noticed the chance to make a difference. For over 10 years Solutions Bridal has blossomed into more than just a bridal boutique, leading to our mission statement: to restore pure beauty and regain self -love.

2. Solutions Bridal Vice President and Buyer, Tali, has been with the company for over 10 years while finishing her BBA in international business. Tali has been featured in across the board magazines ranging from The Daily Buzz; Live, Love, Shopping; Martha Stewart, Central Florida Bride, Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and many other national publications.

3. Solutions Bridal believes in integrity so we try to only sell gowns made in the U.S. Or Canada. Our gowns are hand made with the finest silks imported from France or Italy. Our designers are also very passionate about their design so the gowns can take any where from five to nine months for their work to be complete.

4. Our jewelry are also all hand made and welded in the United States. The designers we carry take pride in their work using Rhodium with swarovski elements making all of the pieces heirloom and wedding jewelry; not costume accessories.

5. One of our designers, Ulla Maija, uses the same lace as Dior.

6. Solutions Bridal joined Facebook in 2008 and Instagram in 2010.

7. In order to find the best gowns for our brides, Tali and her team travel to New York for Bridal Week to view the latest bridal, evening wear and jewelry collections.

8. After Bridal Market, Tali will review the collections she viewed and makes the buying decisions for the salon. Tali knows what is on trend and what our brides want. Having our buyer work in the salon keeps Solutions Bridal current.

9. When you shop at Solutions Bridal you work with the whole team, not just one stylist. After a bridal appointment and you say ‘yes’ to your gown, you will receive follow up calls in regards to the status of when your gown will arrive. Our brides also will meet the whole team at some point so if a bride comes in for an for an appointment, she will work with another stylist who knows who she is.

10. Tali wore Ines Di Santo down the aisle on her wedding day and wore Rivini to her reception.

11. Solutions Bridal launched an online accessories boutique in 2015 for brides all over to find their perfect wedding jewelry.



History of a White Wedding Dress

If someone were to ask, what is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a wedding dress? Most people would say the color white. However, what most people don’t know is the history of a wedding dress as well as the evolution of the colors and changes.
Originally, colors like grey, blue, and red were more popular than white gowns. Grey was known as the most modest color. What most people don’t know, is blue symbolizes truth and purity, not white. Blue was used to symbolize the Virgin Mary and red was a popular color in Celtic cultures. Typically, lower income brides wore their Sunday best to their wedding. Brides with higher income and wanting to make a statement typically wore a gown that was made with the richest materials like fur, velvet and silk.

The white wedding dress tradition began when Mary, Queen of Scots married her first husband, Francis Dauphin of France in 1559 because white was her favorite color. Queen Victoria also wore white to her wedding to Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840.
As time and generations passed, bridal fashion and trends changed as well. In the 1920’s, gowns were typically shorter in the front and had a longer train, similar to the high-low style that is popular today. With the great depression and economic troubles in the 1930’s, most brides wore their best gown on their wedding day. The 1950’s introduced the sweetheart neck line as well as full lace sleeves, tiered skirts and boleros. Most brides today when they want the ‘classic bride look’ they often refer to a 1950’s look. the 1980’s introduced cathedral trains as well has shoulder pads. The 1990’s introduced more of a minimalistic bridal look, no shoulder pads and more sheathy and flowy gowns. The 2010’s started to change the bridal industry, introducing fitted and sexy bridal gowns; straying away from the classic ball gown. Bridal designers also started straying away from creating white dresses and started showcasing their gowns in colors like blush, egg shell, pastels, and ivory.

Wedding gowns have really come full circle and are trends are constantly changing. With brides wanting different styles of dresses and options, the bridal industry will be ever changing. Wedding gowns started off in color and evolved to white, then as time went by, color came back in demand. Take advantage of the different styles and colors the gowns come in and find something that feels like you.  Maybe in a few years, the classic white gown will be in demand, but until then, wear what you want.

Take a look of  bride’s in their wedding dresses through the decades. Photos from Bridal Guide .

1920s wedding dress

1930's wedding dress
1950s bride
1980 wedding gown
fitted wedding dress

For The Second Time Bride

When booking appointments at the salon, I get a lot of questions about being a second time bride. Often, women will start off telling me, “I am 45 years old and this is my second marriage. I want something simple because I already went through this 20 years ago.”  I also notice a little bit of fear in their voice. I often wondered why they get so nervous. I put myself in their perspective and simply googled “second time bride”.
Tons of different posts came up.
I read a ton of articles discussing a second time bride’s attire. I read about celebrities like the Kardashians going through weddings like seasons, as well as regular people. I hated the tone of the articles, they were very condescending toward second time brides and I never once read about how to enjoy being married and the beautiful life ahead.
Every article was written about what they should wear and what to spend on it. I read in some articles it’s okay to wear white or ivory, but skip the veil, other posts say, ditch the white and the veil and wear pastels like blush or champagne. I also read about what to spend on the gown. As an older women, chances are your taste in clothing and the quality of your clothes are more elevated than they were when you were in your 20’s. I’m also sure you are more established now then you were 20 years ago at your first wedding, don’t feel guilty about wearing an expensive gown! You work hard and you deserve it. In one of the articles, I even read about being a “recycled bride” The term ‘recycled’ made me angry thinking of the wonderful second time brides we have at the salon.
I began thinking, I hope brides don’t take advice from these websites and blogs and they have the autonomy to choose what they want to wear. If I was a second time bride I would be nervous about shopping for a gown too!  So what is the ‘right way’ to a second wedding? Then I realized, that’s it. YOU the bride get to choose. So here I am, setting the record straight.
You chose all the details from your first wedding, it didn’t work out, so what makes the second wedding any different? A second wedding doesn’t have to have the cheesy cliche wedding details, but if you want those details, have them!
At the end of the day,your wedding, first, second, or third wedding is still a wedding. Your guests are going to be excited to see you and see what you will be wearing!  If you want to rock the veil and garter, do it! You can choose what you want! Wear a $10,000 stark white ball gown if you want, if you want to go to the courthouse in denim, then do it! This is your second marriage, you should be excited about starting a new chapter in your life with someone who is worth it! Shopping for the gown should the same way. Whether if you are 22 or 52, you should never settle for the man nor the gown.

These are a few gowns our second time brides have worn.

second time bride- Femme by Ines Di Santosecond time bride catalina by Rivini second time bride Elisavet Ines di santosecond time bride jim hjlem

Why Accessories Always Matter

Why Accessories Always Matter

Wedding dress shopping is the highlight of being engaged and should be everything and more than what you pictured. My clients often search for that feeling of knowing when you found the “one”. Wedding dresses work a little differently though. As we say, they don’t speak and sometimes that feeling is just not there even when you feel like a Vogue model! The accessories are very much a part of the full vision and sometimes without that full vision it is very difficult to truly be in love with any dress. Its like flipping through a magazine and only seeing dresses. No styled shoots or models with accessories, only dresses.

When shopping for your wedding dress it’s important to be searching for more than a dress. Shop for a vision, a look, a mood. Then, you will have your feeling. You should be able to picture yourself walking down to the love of your life. Let yourself experience being styled by wedding professionals that have chosen this as their career path. My favorite part of my day is when a bride is standing in a dress that she thinks is the one, and then we create the full vision. It offers so much clarity! I like to treat all my clients like a real life editorial. Each piece should be paired together with much thought and should tell the bride’s story as a woman. A dress cannot often do that on its own. To be honest, the same dress will be worn by another bride, but if she is styled no one else will have her look. That is what I seek to create. I love that none of my brides look the same. Its not another mountain bride in a floral crown. Its an outdoorsy girl that is boho chic or a country girl that has a modern flare.

Accessories matter and should be decided on in the early stages. I’m constantly seeing brides running in last minute (even days before the wedding) to pick out accessories.  We are always happy to help and all of our merchandise is available off the rack; however, we like to give a styling experience and customize the pieces when possible.

Here is an editorial shoot we did with Solutions Bridal Stylist Marissa MacLeod. The models are styled in Maria Elena Headpieces and Accessories, Erin Cole, and Paris. The dresses are by Ines Di Santo and Rivini. Hair and makeup are by Makeover Station. The shoot is located at the Waldorf Astoria and Hilton Bonnet Creek. All photos including the accessories above are by Kristen Weaver Photography. 

Don’t live in Orlando? Visit our online accessories boutique or email me tali@solutionsbrdial.com

accessories photo shoot

Lace Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Dari Rivini wedding dress

Dari by Rivini – Rita Vinieris
























Often, my clients wonder why bridal salons carry so many strapless wedding dresses. While Solutions Bridal carries a variety of necklines, we do carry a large selection of strapless dresses as well. “Dari” is a staff favorite strapless dress by Rivini – Rita Vinieris. Our “Dari” has a custom sweetheart neckline instead of the straight across neckline shown on the runway model. When we customized the neckline to sweetheart, we decided to not add sleeves. Many of our sleeved wedding dresses are difficult to try on because the length or the width of the sleeve never seems to fit our client just right.

Many of our clients want sleeves for modesty reasons, to cover a tattoo, or they simply love the style. We are in love with the style as well.  So with the help of our recommended seamstress, we have created custom lace sleeves, boleros, and style add ons. These lace pieces allow you to transform a lace dress into the exact style you are looking for while achieving a beautiful fit in the arms and back. For example, take a look at our model showing off another strapless lace Rivini – Rita Vinieris wedding dress that we placed our lace bolero over. The bolero here is shown as a removable piece so the bride can wear it for the ceremony and then remove it for the reception. The bolero (also referred to as lace build up) can be made into a permeant feature of the dress as well. We love how starting with a  strapless dress and building your neckline creates a signature look for our brides.  Don’t rule out a strapless wedding dress without consulting with our team of stylists about the options available.

Stay Stylish, Tali

lace sleeves wedding dress

“Dari” By Rivini. Photo by Andi Mans Photography. Hair and Makeup by Makeover Station

Vangie’s favorite bridal looks

Ulla Maija Felicitie

Ulla Maija Felicitie










Ines Di Santo Olencia

Ines Di Santo Olencia

















Ulla Maija Bianca

Ulla Maija Bianca















Rivini Angelique

Rivini Angelique













Ines Di Santo Elisavet

Ines Di Santo Elisavet















I had the pleasure of meeting with wedding planner and wedding designer, Vangie from Vangie’s Events and her assistant, Amy. The two ladies came into Solutions Bridal and I had the honor of showing them our newest gowns and accessories. Vangie and Amy are experts in the industry and they definitely have an eye for couture and design. Above are gowns that are Vangie’s favorite bridal looks.

Felicite by Ulla Maija. Vangie and Amy loved this dress for the luxurious satin as well as the unique detachable strain.

Olenica by Ines Di Santo. The gown has so much detail, sparkle, and a long full tulle train it definatly speaks to the glam brides.

Bianca by Ulla Maija. This gown is so classic yet modern with the one sholder. The gown spoke to Amy and Vangie becasue of how classic it is. This dress is gorgeous on every age of women.

Angelique by Rivini. This gown is so fun yet very classic with the beaded boddess.
Elisavet by Ines Di Santo. This gown has the perfect balance of sexy and sophisticated. The lace detail and the cameo pink give this dress a unique detail.

All gowns available at Solutions Bridal located in Orlando, FL. 

anniversary photos

 anniversary photos Anniversary photos Anniversary photos

This beautiful couple is a wonderful reminder of what love and marriage is all about. The couple are celebrating their 63rd anniversary! The anniversary photos were taken by their very own granddaughter, Shalyn Nelson, making the photos that much more special.

Who made the anniversary photos possible:

Photography: Shalyn Nelson – Love, The Nelsons
Wedding Dress: The Ivy Retreat
Couple/Grandparents: Joe Ray And Billie Wanda Johnson
Film Scans: Photovision
Florals: Bristol Lane Florals
Make-Up And Hair: Makenzi Laine
Venue: Hidden Lake Ranch

When is the best time to order your wedding dress?

wedding dresses orlando, FL

















Couples get engaged year around; however, there is an engagement season which occurs between Thanksgiving and ending around Valentine’s Day.  Bridal boutiques see a rush of clients coming in right after the New Year which causes an increase in production for the designers. The best time to find your wedding dress in the South is November through December. We love this time of year! Not only is it everyone in a cheerful-festive mood,  its a great time for us to provide even more attention to our clients.  Whether you are looking for your wedding dress or your final touches, I strongly suggest visiting us this time of year. Another perk, is our Sample Sale happening November 24th – 30th! There will be over 50 select wedding dresses on sale from 20% – 80% off. Check out the event details here.

Stay Stylish, Tali