Navigating the Pinterest “trend”






Navigating the Pinterest “trend” and finding a Wedding dress style you will love for a lifetime

Let’s face it, pinterest can be an INCREDIBLE tool to use when planning a wedding. The stunning visual elements, the “pro-tips” to help you with the “how,” inspiring color palettes, all can be of great use to a future bride. But what pinterest doesn’t set you up for in all its shiny glory is… the reality of cost, time most wedding elements take to execute, stress, family dynamics, and how to resolve those feelings quickly so you can enjoy your engagement AND your wedding.
In the realm of wedding dresses, with so many options out there, it can be hard to fully see what is available on pinterest unless you specifically search for cuts. And even then, you can be swept away by constant images of gown styles that are popular, “trendy” and potentially not the right one for your personal style, taste, and of course that looming “B” word…budget.
Not to worry dear bridal beauty! There are steps you can take to navigate pinterest before you begin shopping for the dress of your dreams. This will prepare and align you, your trusted friends/family who will join you in your fitting, and your bridal stylist. You will gain more clarity in who you are, how you want to feel, and you will have the pinterest visuals to support your vision.
Whether you have started your search or this is new, start with a basic pinterest search of “wedding dresses.” It will look similar to this:

Leah Lou Pinterest for Weddings
Don’t be tempted by the categories at the top just yet. Remember, you want to see everything that might be available, before pinterest narrows your search based on your online behavior.
As you scroll through pins, think about your favorite body part. Yes, I am asking you to be kind to yourself, free of judgment, and think about a feature you want to show off on your wedding day. Is it your legs? Do you have great arms, shoulders, and back? Do you have a rocking booty and hips that don’t lie? Then let’s show those off! You could even ask your partner what they would love to see you accentuate on your special day. Their love and honesty will help you gain perspective on how others see your beauty. Using these answers, you can begin looking for specific shapes, cuts, and styles that will highlight and flatter your unique body. Embrace your curves or create them with the dress!

Consider the dress materials. Do you love lace, sequins, or loads of tulle? Would you prefer a mix of fabrics? Surprisingly as you get more specific, your point-of-view will expand and more options will become available to you.

Avoid strong statements like “I would never wear” or “I would only wear” or “this is the ONLY style that looks good on me” because though you may feel that way now, there is something magical that can happen with a wedding dress. It has the potential to change your perspective, to sharpen your beauty, to surprise and to delight you. You can let that happen.

Pin for portions as well as the whole
You may not like the full execution of a dress but you might like a detail that was used. Pin those details and leave yourself a note in the caption portion so you remember what it was you were inspired by.

Utilize the experts
Guess who pins thousands of bridal design, detail, dimension, and wedded dreams? Your bridal salon! Not only are you able to access their images and pinboard organization, but you can get a strong sense of who they are and the styles they carry.

Leah Lou Pinterest for weddings
Come appointment time, share your visions, ideas, and input with your stylist while remaining open to their expertise and to the experience (you can utilize the expert again!). This is THE most important step. Being open to options you might not have thought of or considered is a fantastic approach to wedding dress shopping. This doesn’t mean you have to try on everything in the store to feel like you gave your best effort. During my bridal dress experience, everything I had pinned ended up being nothing I liked. The shape was odd for me and did not showcase my personality. The moment we put a dress on that did, I felt at home and comfortable in my own skin. That is what a trusted bridal salon wants for you, what your partner wants for you, and most importantly you should want for you. You deserve to radiate on your wedding day!

How telling your Bridal Stylist the truth can benefit you.

bridal stylist

My most difficult bride to to help is the people-pleaser. She is so sweet and painfully polite. You may be asking, since when is polite painful. Let me explain. She doesn’t want to say what is on her mind because she doesn’t want to hurt our feelings which makes it completely impossible to help her. Throughout the years, I have learned how to interpret the bridal language. Here are the all the things I wish a bride told me:

I don’t like this dress for me. The sooner a bride tells me what she doesn’t like the better I can help her. Of course, I always recommend trying on dresses first before jumping to a conclusion. Once you are in the gown, critic it.  You are on the pedestal, I’m  by your side, and we are all waiting to hear what you don’t like about it. Don’t know what about it you don’t like, just say its not for you. I don’t expect you to step into every dress and fall in love. The quicker I get you out of the ones you dislike, the closer I am to finding you the one!

I am not purchasing the dress. I purchased my own wedding dress, but I would say about half of our clients do not.  When I know you are not the one purchasing, I can consult with the person that is and make sure we answer their questions and fill their needs as well. The only way for me to give that dreamy wedding dress experience is to have open communication with you and the person purchasing. I want to be respectful to all parties involved.

I have an insecurity. Now this one I can completely understand why you may not reveal. At Solutions Bridal, I train my staff to deal with body image, insecurities, and other super personal matters that come up in the dressing rooms. They teach me as well. Every day is a different story and a different security. If you are debating telling me about an insecurity, try and jump and tell me. We all have them. I have a dislocated elbow. I have had it for most of my life. For years, I would only take photos on one side. When I walked down the aisle to my husband, he was standing on the wrong side which positioned me to stand with my left elbow toward the guests and photographer. I told him this later and he said, “I love your crazy elbow.” Sometimes when we are open, more opportunities to heal or to build confidence come in. When I know your insecurities we can work together to find a wedding dress and accessories that focuses on the parts of your body that you do love to highlight!

My price range is this. After many years of asking people price ranges, it is still awkward. I always question if I should or not, but the reason behind why we do is right so I always go for it. I want to help brides find their dream wedding dress. I have brides that will undercut the price range they tell me hoping I will find that designer gown. Hey, I’m always up for a challenge, but when your taste level is incredibly higher than the price you are telling me, it might be a frustrating experience trying on a bunch of dresses that are not the quality you want. I will always try, but it may not end in success. On the other end,  if you don’t want to reveal your price range at all I completely understand. I’m not here to help you find the most expensive dress. I’m here to find you the right dress and hopefully in the range you feel comfortable with.

I’m pregnant. This is personal information you do not need to share with your stylist. Of course knowing this information is helpful for me to know what you are looking for, sizing, and the best alterations plan. If you are considering telling me, don’t worry, I won’t judge you. I’m here to provide you with excellent service and give you a memorable experience.  . Every month we help a pregnant bride. Its more common than you think.

I am not engaged. Let me see the ring! Oh no ring, let me see the photo! Oh no photo? Hmm… starts to get a little fishy. Finding your wedding dress is something most of us think about before we find our partner. With us being situated right by Mall of Millenia in Orlando, FL we have hundreds of women driving by our store. Come in. Please come in. Take a salon tour and enjoy looking through our sea of beautiful dresses. But don’t lie to us. It hurts. Honestly, it hurts really bad. And it hurts more when you know you have orders to take care of and 20 emails you need to get back to. When the store is busy we are busy. When the store is quiet we are still very busy placing orders, checking on orders, and answering our clients questions. Whew… glad I got that one of my chest.

XO, Tali

*photo by Damon Tucci Photography, Model: Kris Pugh

How to order a wedding dress for a short engagement?


When I got engaged I was ready to marry my fiancé, Jason, the following week. Actually, we were in Uganda working with and we debated getting married there. We decided our parents wouldn’t be too happy so we made the trip back with only one ring on my finger. During our three flights back, we made the decision to get married in five months. The decision was made for several reasons. My brother had set a wedding date almost exactly a year from the date Jason and I got engaged. I didn’t want to cause any conflicting issues with his wedding date so we decided we would speed things up. According to most people we spoke to, five months was not enough time. It was race. There were some stressful moments especially when we decided to close on a house two weeks before the wedding, but thats us. We have always made decisions quick and we haven’t regretted a single one!

Being in the industry the first two moves I made was finding my venue (which I booked online) and finding my wedding dress. Now of course I was a few steps ahead of finding my wedding dress because I already knew I wanted to have the Solutions Bridal experience and buy my dress here. Within weeks of being engaged, I was ordering my dress. I knew if I was going to have a designer dress for my wedding day, I needed to give the designer as much time as possible to make my dress right. Due to our relationships with our designers they can often provide us with special ship dates. Also, having an in-house seamstress like Tears of Joy was icing on the cake. My dress arrived on a Friday and on the following Tuesday I had to leave to North Georgia. Sure enough, Holly, the owner of Tears of Joy seamstress services, had everything ready to go.

Five months is enough time to order a wedding dress. There is no need to panic, but my advice is to act quick. The more time you give the seamstress the better. To be honest, it wasn’t ideal to be doing fittings that close to my wedding day because I was backed up with so many other errands.  I always recommend my clients order their dress right when they find it. That may be two years before their wedding or two months before the wedding. Either way, you won’t get time back so use the time you have and give the professionals the time to get everything ready for you.

For my brides with three months or less, I always recommend exploring the store samples. We work really hard to keep fresh inventory and a variety of sizes in our store. When you purchase a sample, we send it to the cleaners the next day and we go ahead and book you a time with the seamstress. We have helped clients with weddings as short as four days away. Its so exciting and we do everything we can to make it stress-free.  While not every sample is on sample sale, some are. If we plan on re-ordering that sample, we cannot discount it because it will take the store 6-12 months to replace.  It is an opportunity loss for us as a business, but its always worth it. Its more important for our brides to have the dress they want than for us to keep the sample.

When times get a little stressful, ask for help.  Let professionals, friends, and family step in. There were times all I wanted to do was go run away to some little island with Jason, but we stuck it through and enjoyed our beautiful wedding with close friends and family. Looking back, I do wish I asked for help more. Since I can remember, I have been independent. After my wedding, I learned that sometimes if you don’t ask for help people feel left out of this monumental time in your life.

XO Tali 


black wedding dress

Tali Interviewed by The Celebration Society

Tali Gallo was interviewed by The Celebration Society. Read below to see how she got started in the business and what trends she is loving:


CS: How did you get into your field?

TG: In 2005 I was managing a Victoria Secret and was recruited by the owner and his wife. At that time, I was in college and uncertain of what career path I wanted to take. I took a jump and went for it and haven’t looked back since. I’m fortunate to be working for such a great small business with an international reach.
CS: What wedding and party trends are you loving right now?

TG: I love the “there are no rules” trend. When I started people were very focused on etiquette now it’s really about what tells the story of the couple. On the fashion end, I enjoy searching for what my client feels beautiful in and less what her parents want to see her in. Its a very exciting time in my industry. The fashion trends I love the most are blush wedding gowns and statement accessories. We just went through a decade of lace trends and now beading is making it’s way back in. Less rustic-chic, and more relaxed-glam.
CS: Describe your style.

TG: My style changes with my mood and sometimes my client. When I have a client with a very unique style, I get inspired by them and my style seems to evolve with who I am working with. My style is always influenced by quality and what flatters. I don’t believe in trends that are unflattering to the body. I believe its more important to feel beautiful than it is to follow a fast trend. When I go to Bridal Fashion Week I buy dresses that are current, but are still well constructed because that should never be sacrificed for a trend.
CS: Best advice you can share with someone planning an upcoming occasion.

TG: Always ask yourself what makes you happy. Its important to keep this in check. You cannot please everyone and you will probably enjoy your wedding more than anyone else because its your wedding with your specific vision. If there is ever a time you feel overwhelmed with opinions go back to what makes you happy.
CS: What information should they have been before meeting with you (i.e. head count, budget, theme, colors, etc.)? Why?

TG: A starting concept. Wedding dresses are beautiful and they are designed to fit very well. We know you will love several different styles, but chances are you are only considering wearing one wedding dress for your wedding day. Go on Pinterest and start pinning. See what you pin the most. What do they have in common? That is a starting concept that a stylist can run with to help you find your dream dress! Its not about trying every wedding dress type, its about finding yours and enjoying every minute spent in it from there forward!

Ines Di Santo Trunk Show

August 14th to August 16th Solutions Bridal is hosting an Ines Di Santo trunk show. Ines Di Santo is a couture wedding gown and evening wear designer. An Ines Di Santo bride is sophisticated, sexy, and has unapologetic glamour. Ines’ gowns are hand made in Toronto with the finest silks and laces from France.

Our Ines Di Santo trunk show is appointment only and private appointments are available per request.

To book for you or another bride, call 407-647-8666.




Father’s Wedding Tradition

The best part of traditions are the excitement of being apart of one as well as creating your take on the memory. When a father walks the bride down the aisle it was originally for the father to give the bride away. However, I believe now-a-days, fathers walk their daughter down the aisle as more of a sign of love, respect, and assurance that he is behind his daughter getting married. In honor of Father’s Day, here are real Solutions Brides and their fathers.


Girl With a Serious Dream Trunk Show

On June 7th, Solutions Bridal will be hosting a trunk show!  Anita, designer of Girl With A Serious Dream, will be in our salon taking private appointments. Anita is a Florida native and hand makes beautiful one of a kind robes, veils, and lingerie. French silk and alencon lace are used in creating each garment.  Booking an appointment with Anita will give each bride the chance to create a custom veil and robe for her wedding day. To book an appointment call 407-647-8666.

11 facts we bet you didn’t know about Solutions Bridal

1. Owner, Newell Fox, opened Solutions Bridal in 2002 with an entrepreneurial spirit and a gap in the  industry for a first class bridal experience. Fox owned his own DJ and Entertainment company, this is where he noticed the chance to make a difference. For over 10 years Solutions Bridal has blossomed into more than just a bridal boutique, leading to our mission statement: to restore pure beauty and regain self -love.

2. Solutions Bridal Vice President and Buyer, Tali, has been with the company for over 10 years while finishing her BBA in international business. Tali has been featured in across the board magazines ranging from The Daily Buzz; Live, Love, Shopping; Martha Stewart, Central Florida Bride, Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and many other national publications.

3. Solutions Bridal believes in integrity so we try to only sell gowns made in the U.S. Or Canada. Our gowns are hand made with the finest silks imported from France or Italy. Our designers are also very passionate about their design so the gowns can take any where from five to nine months for their work to be complete.

4. Our jewelry are also all hand made and welded in the United States. The designers we carry take pride in their work using Rhodium with swarovski elements making all of the pieces heirloom and wedding jewelry; not costume accessories.

5. One of our designers, Ulla Maija, uses the same lace as Dior.

6. Solutions Bridal joined Facebook in 2008 and Instagram in 2010.

7. In order to find the best gowns for our brides, Tali and her team travel to New York for Bridal Week to view the latest bridal, evening wear and jewelry collections.

8. After Bridal Market, Tali will review the collections she viewed and makes the buying decisions for the salon. Tali knows what is on trend and what our brides want. Having our buyer work in the salon keeps Solutions Bridal current.

9. When you shop at Solutions Bridal you work with the whole team, not just one stylist. After a bridal appointment and you say ‘yes’ to your gown, you will receive follow up calls in regards to the status of when your gown will arrive. Our brides also will meet the whole team at some point so if a bride comes in for an for an appointment, she will work with another stylist who knows who she is.

10. Tali wore Ines Di Santo down the aisle on her wedding day and wore Rivini to her reception.

11. Solutions Bridal launched an online accessories boutique in 2015 for brides all over to find their perfect wedding jewelry.



History of a White Wedding Dress

If someone were to ask, what is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a wedding dress? Most people would say the color white. However, what most people don’t know is the history of a wedding dress as well as the evolution of the colors and changes.
Originally, colors like grey, blue, and red were more popular than white gowns. Grey was known as the most modest color. What most people don’t know, is blue symbolizes truth and purity, not white. Blue was used to symbolize the Virgin Mary and red was a popular color in Celtic cultures. Typically, lower income brides wore their Sunday best to their wedding. Brides with higher income and wanting to make a statement typically wore a gown that was made with the richest materials like fur, velvet and silk.

The white wedding dress tradition began when Mary, Queen of Scots married her first husband, Francis Dauphin of France in 1559 because white was her favorite color. Queen Victoria also wore white to her wedding to Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840.
As time and generations passed, bridal fashion and trends changed as well. In the 1920’s, gowns were typically shorter in the front and had a longer train, similar to the high-low style that is popular today. With the great depression and economic troubles in the 1930’s, most brides wore their best gown on their wedding day. The 1950’s introduced the sweetheart neck line as well as full lace sleeves, tiered skirts and boleros. Most brides today when they want the ‘classic bride look’ they often refer to a 1950’s look. the 1980’s introduced cathedral trains as well has shoulder pads. The 1990’s introduced more of a minimalistic bridal look, no shoulder pads and more sheathy and flowy gowns. The 2010’s started to change the bridal industry, introducing fitted and sexy bridal gowns; straying away from the classic ball gown. Bridal designers also started straying away from creating white dresses and started showcasing their gowns in colors like blush, egg shell, pastels, and ivory.

Wedding gowns have really come full circle and are trends are constantly changing. With brides wanting different styles of dresses and options, the bridal industry will be ever changing. Wedding gowns started off in color and evolved to white, then as time went by, color came back in demand. Take advantage of the different styles and colors the gowns come in and find something that feels like you.  Maybe in a few years, the classic white gown will be in demand, but until then, wear what you want.

Take a look of  bride’s in their wedding dresses through the decades. Photos from Bridal Guide .

For The Second Time Bride

When booking appointments at the salon, I get a lot of questions about being a second time bride. Often, women will start off telling me, “I am 45 years old and this is my second marriage. I want something simple because I already went through this 20 years ago.”  I also notice a little bit of fear in their voice. I often wondered why they get so nervous. I put myself in their perspective and simply googled “second time bride”.
Tons of different posts came up.
I read a ton of articles discussing a second time bride’s attire. I read about celebrities like the Kardashians going through weddings like seasons, as well as regular people. I hated the tone of the articles, they were very condescending toward second time brides and I never once read about how to enjoy being married and the beautiful life ahead.
Every article was written about what they should wear and what to spend on it. I read in some articles it’s okay to wear white or ivory, but skip the veil, other posts say, ditch the white and the veil and wear pastels like blush or champagne. I also read about what to spend on the gown. As an older women, chances are your taste in clothing and the quality of your clothes are more elevated than they were when you were in your 20’s. I’m also sure you are more established now then you were 20 years ago at your first wedding, don’t feel guilty about wearing an expensive gown! You work hard and you deserve it. In one of the articles, I even read about being a “recycled bride” The term ‘recycled’ made me angry thinking of the wonderful second time brides we have at the salon.
I began thinking, I hope brides don’t take advice from these websites and blogs and they have the autonomy to choose what they want to wear. If I was a second time bride I would be nervous about shopping for a gown too!  So what is the ‘right way’ to a second wedding? Then I realized, that’s it. YOU the bride get to choose. So here I am, setting the record straight.
You chose all the details from your first wedding, it didn’t work out, so what makes the second wedding any different? A second wedding doesn’t have to have the cheesy cliche wedding details, but if you want those details, have them!
At the end of the day,your wedding, first, second, or third wedding is still a wedding. Your guests are going to be excited to see you and see what you will be wearing!  If you want to rock the veil and garter, do it! You can choose what you want! Wear a $10,000 stark white ball gown if you want, if you want to go to the courthouse in denim, then do it! This is your second marriage, you should be excited about starting a new chapter in your life with someone who is worth it! Shopping for the gown should the same way. Whether if you are 22 or 52, you should never settle for the man nor the gown.

These are a few gowns our second time brides have worn.

second time bride- Femme by Ines Di Santosecond time bride catalina by Rivini second time bride Elisavet Ines di santosecond time bride jim hjlem