HerStory: Meet Erica

Our next HerStory feature is Erica Brilliant Trunk, the owner of Solutions Bridal Designer House. She is a great example to all of us here as she balances her work and family lives so well. Erica is a gracious leader and never stops advocating for the people she cares about. She is fiercely loyal to her employees, customers, and vendors. She defines success as fulfillment in each area of her life. Erica runs Solutions Bridal while taking care of her two young sons, aiming for her family to feel loved and important while maintaining happy brides and co-workers. Erica is motivated by relationships which is something that is so clear in her business. For example, when Erica chooses to work with designers she oftentimes selects ones in which she can get to know on a personal level and communicate with easily. She always strives to be present in both of her worlds and makes people feel welcome no matter where she is. Our clients all rave about Erica’s warmth as she creates a sense of comfort in the store. Erica is extremely knowledgeable about her products and can remember the smallest details about any bride. The way she makes people feel known is inspiring and considerate. We are so thankful to have her as a boss and the ways that she influences all of us. She is inspired by her designers and how they always push the boundaries in their business, something we aim for here at Solutions Bridal as well. When asked about who else inspires her, Erica referenced each member of her team. This is just another example of her thoughtfulness and care of the people around here. Here’s what Erica had to say about each member of her staff.

“Jessica is committed to giving her all to every person she meets. She gets such fulfillment from helping them reach their highest potential and will do all she can to get them there.

Ana is as loyal as they come. If she’s on your team you’ve got a friend for life. Besides looking phenomenal in every dress she dons, Ana speaks three languages and is a mom to one of the sweetest boys you’ll meet.

I knew I had to hire Katherine ten minutes into her interview. She radiates positivity and every bride she styles immediately feels like they’ve met their newest friend. Katherine is full of fresh ideas and is always looking for ways to raise the bar.

Jasmine is even-tempered, incredibly patient, and professional. She can be counted on to be a calming presence for particularly stressed out brides (or co-workers) and is regularly doing thoughtful things for her fellow team members.

I am in awe of Tiffany’s work ethic and accomplishments. She juggles her career as a professor, work on her PhD, and time at Solutions Bridal with such ease. Tiffany’s working to make the world a better place, which is incredibly inspiring to all of us.

Natalie is the newest addition to our team and I’m impressed by her determination and confidence. She’s unafraid to tackle any task she’s been given and is excited to offer suggestions and new ideas.”

Erica is a great business woman, boss, and friend. We are so blessed to work alongside someone so wonderful each and everyday!

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