Your Something Blue

Your Something Blue

‘Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ is a quote most brides know. For the brides who are looking for their something their blue,  here are my idea, in a fashionable way of course.

Your pumps.
For the classic yet daring bride, Don’t be afraid to rock a fun pump! Your wedding gown is a full length gown with layers of fabric. Honestly, you’re shoes will be shown in yours photos, and that is about it. Sometimes its fun to be non traditional, so have fun with your bridal look with your shoes and to be honest, searching for the perfect pump would be so much more fun and stress free if you just bought what you loved. Your blue pumps, flats or even cowboy boots can be styled in a million ways after the wedding so you will constantly be reminded of your big day when you style your next outfit with them. 
Your Accessories. For the fun and chic bride, try a non traditional approach with your look with accessories! Sapphires are one of my favorite gems.They are so regal and timeless. My favorite jewelry designer, Maria Elena can custom their pieces with blue swarovski crystal for your something blue. The hints of blue are just a little detail that can really add to your bridal look. Because of the blue color, you can get more out of the pieces then you would think. Future anniversaries, galas, and events are perfect for your crystals. The photo below is from a real Solutions Bride. She paired her clean ivory gown with gown with gold plating and sapphire colored crystals making her look so chic, fun and timeless.

saphire maria elena

Your Garter.
For the sexy bride, our garters by Arlynn Couture can be custom as well. Designer, Marisa can add little blue hints of crystal or even a little blue bow. Even if you don’t decide to toss your garter a little keep sake can be just as cute and fun for getting ready photos or boudoir photos.


Embroidery in Your Gown.
For the sentimental bride, adding embroidery to the dress is something that know one will see but means the world to the bride. Owner of Tears of Joy Seamstress Services, Holly, has added embroidery to quite a few dresses. Common embroidery brides add to their gown are monograms, hearts, and dates.

in dress

Your Nail Polish.
For the trendy bride, nail polish is a quick and fun way to get your something in your wedding day. This something blue is more about the experience then the sentimental value. Who doesn’t love love sitting champagne and getting mani and pedis with your bridesmaids a few days before the wedding? Between holding your flowers and cutting your cake, you do have a ton of photos of your hands. A fresh light blue color will really make your photos pop with a personal touch.


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