Newell Fox

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Solutions Bridal owner and founder, Newell Fox, combined his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and mother’s Southern hospitality and values to create a company complete with an atmosphere that thrives upon customer service. The guidelines for Newell are simple: “Do what you love, love what you do, and deliver more than you promise.” And that is exactly what Newell expects of his experts: The ability to provide every bride with a personalized, unique, and unparalleled experience.

After graduating from the University of Florida, Newell stepped into the wedding industry by opening his own DJ and entertainment company. His interaction with couples getting married and multiple industry vendors introduced him to, what he considered to be, a gap in the market for a bridal salon. Newell saw the potential for a salon that carried a higher quality of gowns and focused on providing an enhanced level of customer service for brides.

In 2002, Solutions Bridal was born and built upon Newell’s core values: Honesty, integrity, generosity, knowledge, and drive. Through the years, Newell has led this company to grow and evolve, without forgetting the root of where it all started: Every bride is different— every bride deserves her moment— our job is to provide her with that unforgettable moment.

After ten years of being in the wedding fashion industry, Newell explained his understanding of why Solutions Bridal stands out among it’s competitors. He compares shopping at Solutions to flying first class. “You just feel different,” he explains. “A woman’s bridal gown is the most important article of clothing she wears in her entire life. Why not also add an element of joy to the shopping experience?” Newell goes on to explain how he is always focused on going above and beyond. “We try to continually evolve and be on the cutting edge in comparison to what others in the bridal industry are doing. Our staff has visited stores in LA, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, as well as in our own backyard—the Central Florida area. We know what is out there, we see what other stores are doing, and we continually try to do it better.”

He believes that by providing clients with a couture dress experience, we are able to bring them back to a time when they felt pure beauty— That moment when the bride was a little girl and everything around her seemed so perfect. A time in her life when she felt beautifully filled with unconditional love.

Solutions Bridal is determined to bring clients back to those moments. The mission here is to restore pure beauty and regain self-love.

Newell currently resides in Gainseville, Florida with his wife, Hebah, and their two children. Along with running other entrepreneurial ventures, he is also an adjunct professor at the University of Florida, where he teaches students the important business values that have helped him become successful in his own life.