Jessica Vargas

Jessica Vargas is a bridal industry expert as she has been styling brides for over 12 years. She is fantastic at finding a bride’s dress and at this point it’s her second nature. She is quick and to the point with her brides, and she prides herself on customer service.

Jessica grew up fascinated by fashion and fabric specifically. She studied fashion merchandising and then later began selling wedding dresses in New York. She quickly learned her knack for sales and bridal styling. Jessica later relocated to Orlando where she began her career at Solutions Bridal. Jessica is confident with her brides and shows them the perfect look for their wedding day. She is always customizing for her brides and creating the one of a kind look that is her trademark. Jessica is a champion for the SB team and always looking for ways to improve the store. Her tenacious spirit and knowledge of bridal style makes her an integral part of the staff at Solutions Bridal.