Style Session with If the Choo Fits

Solutions Bridal Salon Manager, Roberta and I collaborate with Kristie, blogger from If the Choo Fits.  Kristie is a fabulous fashion blogger who just celebrated her 23rd year wedding anniversary with her husband. Believe it or not, but the couple met in front of the Disney Cinderella Castle over 20 years ago. The couple had a fairy tale moment from the start.

From If the Choo Fits:

I love that you and your daughter work together for you blog. What is the best part about sharing the experience with her?
The best part of sharing the experience with my daughter is the quality time we get to spend with each other.  We will be shooting pictures and during the while talking about the events of her day and mine.  I love watching her being creative and growing through the whole process.  She is my partner in crime and couldn’t imagine doing it without her.
When you met your husband over 20 years ago, how did you know he was the one?
When I met my husband back in 1989 I was smitten.  But truthfully I  was only 17 years old.  At the time, I didn’t have some sixth sense about I must marry him.  I just knew I never wanted to be away from him.  We literally have had the opportunity to grow up together over the past 23 years.

What is your favorite thing about your husband?
There are too many things I love about him.  Don’t know if I just have one.  He treats me like his princess everyday!  But seriously he is an amazing husband and father.  I am lucky.  He has always been my biggest cheerleader.

Of all the the looks and styles you had on, which look was your favorite?
That’s a great question.  When Roberta first showed me the gowns I was immediately in love with the Cinderella dress.  But after trying them on and looking at the pics I loved the all lace dress.  I would have never selected that style to start but when I had that dress on I felt like that it’s the one and could see myself wearing it for a vow renewal.  It felt very elegant and sophisticated.

About the looks:

For look number one, Roberta and I chose Fontanne by Ines Di Santo. Fontanne is a beaded ball gown with a plunging neck line. This gown looked so remarkable on Kristie. Roberta and I chose this gown because of the dreamy fairy tale story the couple share. To complete the look, I chose a hair piece, bracelet, and earrings by Maria Elena Headpieces. 

Fontanne by Ines Di Santo Fontanne by Ines Di Santo Fontanne by Ines Di Santo 1P1A4505-550x825


For look number two Roberta and I wanted to showcase Kristie’s everyday style. Kristie has amazing taste in style and really knows how to fit her amazing figure. Libson by Ines Di Santo is a nude fitted gown with beaded details, an intricate back and a under lining with sparkle. We paired this warm colored gown with rose gold Maria Elena Accessories.

Libson by Ines Di Santo   Libson by Ines Di Santo


For look number three, we chose Margeaux by Ines Di Santo. Margueaux is the classic lace wedding gown. The high neck line and the couture train make this gown regal and timeless. To compliment this look, we played with the ivory tones and the lace for the accessories. Pairs by Debra Moorland’s accessory collection was perfect to finish this lace and pearl look.

MARGEAUX ines di santo

MARGEAUX by ines di santo   MARGEAUX by ines di santo

Thank you Kristie, we had so much fun styling you!

To check out more photos and to read more about Kristie and her Solutions Bridal experience, check out If the Choo Fits!

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