How to order a wedding dress for a short engagement?


When I got engaged I was ready to marry my fiancé, Jason, the following week. Actually, we were in Uganda working with and we debated getting married there. We decided our parents wouldn’t be too happy so we made the trip back with only one ring on my finger. During our three flights back, we made the decision to get married in five months. The decision was made for several reasons. My brother had set a wedding date almost exactly a year from the date Jason and I got engaged. I didn’t want to cause any conflicting issues with his wedding date so we decided we would speed things up. According to most people we spoke to, five months was not enough time. It was race. There were some stressful moments especially when we decided to close on a house two weeks before the wedding, but thats us. We have always made decisions quick and we haven’t regretted a single one!

Being in the industry the first two moves I made was finding my venue (which I booked online) and finding my wedding dress. Now of course I was a few steps ahead of finding my wedding dress because I already knew I wanted to have the Solutions Bridal experience and buy my dress here. Within weeks of being engaged, I was ordering my dress. I knew if I was going to have a designer dress for my wedding day, I needed to give the designer as much time as possible to make my dress right. Due to our relationships with our designers they can often provide us with special ship dates. Also, having an in-house seamstress like Tears of Joy was icing on the cake. My dress arrived on a Friday and on the following Tuesday I had to leave to North Georgia. Sure enough, Holly, the owner of Tears of Joy seamstress services, had everything ready to go.

Five months is enough time to order a wedding dress. There is no need to panic, but my advice is to act quick. The more time you give the seamstress the better. To be honest, it wasn’t ideal to be doing fittings that close to my wedding day because I was backed up with so many other errands.  I always recommend my clients order their dress right when they find it. That may be two years before their wedding or two months before the wedding. Either way, you won’t get time back so use the time you have and give the professionals the time to get everything ready for you.

For my brides with three months or less, I always recommend exploring the store samples. We work really hard to keep fresh inventory and a variety of sizes in our store. When you purchase a sample, we send it to the cleaners the next day and we go ahead and book you a time with the seamstress. We have helped clients with weddings as short as four days away. Its so exciting and we do everything we can to make it stress-free.  While not every sample is on sample sale, some are. If we plan on re-ordering that sample, we cannot discount it because it will take the store 6-12 months to replace.  It is an opportunity loss for us as a business, but its always worth it. Its more important for our brides to have the dress they want than for us to keep the sample.

When times get a little stressful, ask for help.  Let professionals, friends, and family step in. There were times all I wanted to do was go run away to some little island with Jason, but we stuck it through and enjoyed our beautiful wedding with close friends and family. Looking back, I do wish I asked for help more. Since I can remember, I have been independent. After my wedding, I learned that sometimes if you don’t ask for help people feel left out of this monumental time in your life.

XO Tali 


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