Our First #PlannerSolutions


Recently the SB Team had been hearing through the grapevine of brides and wedding planners that there had been some day-of dress emergencies happening across the board. We realized there was a gap of knowledge that needed to be filled! As experts in the wedding gown field we are aware of tips and tricks to avoid issues that we felt we needed to share. Thus, the #PlannerSolutions series was born.

For the first #PlannerSolutions installment, Jessica, our Sales Director, and Lorena, our Master Seamstress shared a plethora of knowledge on bustling and preventative measures when it comes to wedding dresses. We invited a few wedding planners from the area to learn more about these topics as well as solutions for different dress emergencies. We are sharing a few tips below with you so make sure to keep reading.

THANK YOU to our amazing sponsors for the evening: The Alfond Inn Catering, Sugar Sugar Cake Boutique, LT Events and Fox and Film Photography. The event would not have been a success without their support and contributions. 

When it comes to bustling, Lorena usually suggests to our brides the most effective and flattering bustle based on dress style. Jessica and Lorena also discussed at #PlannerSolutions what to do in case of a bustle breakage on the day of the wedding. Safety pins as well as fabric glue are great to have on hand in case of these emergencies! 

Another great trick to know is how helpful organza ribbon can be to combat any problems. If a strap breaks or a dress isn’t fitting properly organza and a little sewing can come in handy to hold things together.

Another thing most people don’t know is that having a white candle on hand can help a stuck zipper move more smoothly. If a dress is having a difficult time zipping up simply rub the candle over the zipper and the wax will help the dress zip up much easier.

We passed out helpful kits with a few of our favorite items to solve dress emergencies such as fashion tape, fabric glue, safety pins and candles. We always recommend having an emergency kit of your own on wedding day. 

Our first #PlannerSolutions was an evening full of community, fun and learning. Thank you so much to our attendees, sponsors, and speakers for making the evening such a success! We look forward to the future installments of our series.

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