Destination Wedding Gowns

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Caroline by Oscar de la Renta

Destination Wedding Gowns


The Solutions Bridal experience is more than shopping for a wedding gown. We carry a variety of designer gowns including destination wedding gowns. Being in Orlando, we service many brides who are celebrating their marriage here in Florida but live in another city, state, or country. Above is a collection of gowns for the destination bride, being in Florida, it is very hot all year round, brides will enjoy our destination dress collection for their light and breathable fabrics. To find the perfect destination wedding gown, it must have light, breathable fabrics and must be easy to travel with.

Fabric is very important for a destination wedding gown because it will keep the bride cool. The collection of gowns above are hand made here in the United States or Canada. In addition to our designers being based out of North America, each designer uses high-quality silks and laces from France and Italy. To read and see photos of a Solutions Bridal destination bride, click here.

When traveling with a wedding gown, it is important to keep two things in mind; will the dress wrinkle? and how easy is it to travel with a wedding gown? Traveling with a designer wedding gown can make brides nervous, especially if they have never traveled with a gown before. Choosing a gown with a fabric that does not wrinkle as much as others is the first step. Fabrics including chiffon, crepe, and lace, are wonderful to travel with becasue they do not take up as much space and can be streamed easily.

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