Meet the Solutions Team // Shipping & Receiving Coordinator, Trisha Trinidad Perez

We’re ushering in a new season at Solutions Bridal, and felt it was time to (re)introduce ourselves.  Through this weekly series, you’ll get to meet our full team, learn about our personalities, hobbies, interests and a few fun facts along the way.  Without further ado, we’ll introduce you to our resident mama-to-be, our shipping and receiving coordinator, Trisha.

Trisha wore the “Danica” gown by Ines Di Santo

Name: Trisha Trinidad Perez

Title: Shipping & Receiving Coordinator

Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


About me – I’m the creative type. I love marketing, fashion, DIY’s, event planning, photography and anything creative. I’m a big fan of small businesses because I love when people share their story with us. I’ve been married for 5 months now, and we’re expecting our first baby this fall. I’m extremely excited to be a mom. I have four nieces and two nephews, and I’m obsessed with every single one of them. I love traveling with my husband, Chris, trying new restaurants and reading inspirational books.

What I enjoy doing in my spare time: I love trying new restaurants and taking photos around town with my husband. I also really enjoy doing creative things. I do a lot of DIY projects and occasionally plan small events for close friends and family.


My favorite memory from my weddingMy entire wedding weekend was AMAZING. Being able to spend four days with my close friends and family in the Dominican Republic (where I grew up)  was a dream. What was even better was being able to talk to every single guest during our reception dinner. We had 52 guests including children. I feel like I always see that couples don’t get to talk to all of their guests during their wedding, and I didn’t want that. We had a big engagement party, and I was so overwhelmed, so I knew didn’t want that for our special day. I wanted to be able to really enjoy the day … and I wanted to be able to eat dinner! But what really made it even more special was having my dad walking me down the aisle. It was dreamy; I cried!

You’d be surprised to know …  I purchased my wedding dress without trying it on. Very risky, I know. My previous manager was at bridal market and she already knew what I was looking for, She sent me a photo and I knew it was my dress. since the dress was from the new collection it was kind of impossible to have it in the store to try it on.

How I met my husbandI met my husband at work, but we really got to talk for the first time at a party. Since that day, we’ve spent every single day together. After three months of dating, I knew I was going to marry him.


Best Part of My Job … That I get to do something different every day, and I get to work with beautiful dresses. Plus, when I was choosing my own gown, I was able to select something that had never been worn by a real bride before.

How I came to work at Solutions I did an internship while I was in college studying Fashion Merchandising Management. Typically, after an internship, the school encourages you to apply for a position, but at the time I didn’t want to be in bridal. My goal was to move to NYC and work for a magazine, but that didn’t happen. So I stayed in Orlando with my boyfriend (now husband) and kept working as merchandising manager for other companies. I always kept the managers of Solutions Bridal on my social media, and one day I saw that one the managers posted an open position, and I messaged to ask if the person was leaving. She told me yes they were and asked if I wanted the job. I told her  I didn’t really need a job, and I didn’t remember the responsibilities of the role. After emailing the managers, with no intention of taking the role, I got hired as part-time. I was working two jobs when I started, but I loved this one much more. After two months part-time I got offered full time, and quit my other job.


If I chose a dress for myself to wear todayIf I chose a dress for myself to wear today, I would still pick the dress I wore for my wedding. It’s kind of weird because I see beautiful wedding dresses every day, but mine was just so perfect for me and with just a few little custom changes, I made it my own.I loved how I was able to have two looks in one. Also having the cape made it so much easier to skip wearing a veil. I think veils are stunning, but they’re really not my style. I always said I wanted to look like myself on my wedding day and not feel like I was wearing a costume.

Favorite Celebrity Bridal Look … I don’t have one, haha. Every bride looks beautiful on their wedding day. I love it even more when the dress and the wedding represent exactly who the couple is.

What Erica says about Trisha: 

Trisha is loyal, hard-working, family-focused, and insanely creative. She’s constantly keeping up with fashion trends and how companies are branding themselves, which comes in handy when we brainstorm new and different ways to reach customers. She’s full of ideas and always willing to share. Her exacting eye for detail is a perfect fit for her role with Solutions Bridal since she inspects each and every dress that comes through our doors. She treats each dress as though it belongs to a friend and ensures that every stitch, bead, and piece of lace is in the exact right place. Trisha’s unique set of skills makes her an indispensable part of the SB team and although you may not see her on the sales floor, her role is the backbone of this store.

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