Meet the Solutions Team // Owner, Erica Brilliant Trunk

We’re ushering in a new season at Solutions Bridal, and felt it was time to (re)introduce ourselves.  Through this weekly series, you’ll get to meet our full team, learn about our personalities, hobbies, interests and a few fun facts along the way.  Without further ado, we’ll begin by introducing you to our beloved owner, Erica. 

Name: Erica Brilliant Trunk

Title: Owner

Hometown: Longwood, FL

About me – I am the mom of two little boys: Elliot, 5, and Emmett, 3. After my husband of 8 years, Ken, and our boys, my next obsession is desserts of any kind, but mainly ice cream (specifically Cherry Garcia or chocolate and peanut butter). When I can find them (typically around Passover) I’m a BIG fan of chocolate-covered raspberry jelly rings. I am a former Barbie and baby doll lover, but I’m now surrounded by all things Transformers and pirates. (True story I once took my son Elliot to the American Girl store and told him he could have anything he wanted and I would play with it with him … he passed on the offer. Smh.) My love language is watching Valley Girl with my husband after a long workday.

How I met my husband, Ken:  I had recently moved back home after many years in Boston, and I enlisted the help of the good, old Internet to get into the dating game in Orlando. He showed up in my matches on Day 1 and I reached out to him. A month later, we had our first date—we met for dinner at Bonefish, I was late, and he was really dressed up—and a few months after that, we were living together. This year marks ten years together, we’ve been married eight years, and I still get excited when he texts me or calls during the workday. He is the yin to my yang.

My favorite memory from my wedding:  So there’s a couple … one moment at our sweetheart table, I turned to Ken and I said, “Listen, listen. … Everyone we love is in one room.” It was a moment that will stay with me forever. I also loved dancing at my wedding. I made a point to have the best time I could on the dance floor.

You’d be surprised to know

I never considered myself the marrying type. When I was actively dating in my twenties, at some point in the dating process I would always look ahead to see if I could imagine myself marrying the guy I was dating, and the answer was always no.  Considering they were all pretty decent men, I figured the common denominator in the scenario was me and not them, so I just wasn’t the marrying type. When I met Ken, though, the thing that changed it was that I not only knew I wanted babies, but I wanted his babies. I had also never really imagined myself as a mother, so it just goes to show you everything can change when you meet The One.

Best part of my job

The best part of my job is the people: the staff, the brides, the families and our fellow wedding professionals. I am a person who gets my energy from my interactions with people, and I’m surrounded by some pretty wonderful ones.

What I do in my spare time:

I spend as much time as possible with my boys. They’ll only be little for a short time and I often work long hours so I try to enjoy every moment and soak up as many memories with them as I can.

How I came to Solutions

After having both my boys, I was a stay-at-home mom while Ken worked in a corporate job. He felt frustrated with his inability to effect change in his role, and came to me one day and said “I want to work with you. I want to do something together.” So that’s when we started looking at businesses to purchase. He came to me with a few opportunities he felt made sense for us, and I went through and did tons of research on each of them. The more I looked into Solutions, the more excited I got about it.  I came in and secret-shopped (with Jamie, actually) and when I got to the car, I called Ken and said “Let’s do it!”

You’ll always hear me say …

… the optimistic thing. I like to stay on the bright side of things.  In appointments with brides, you’ll hear me being very quiet and making a point to listen to the bride before I listen to anyone else’s opinions. I’ll never ask a bride, “Is this your dress?” if I don’t already know she loves it.

If I chose a dress for myself to wear today

It would look totally different than the dress that I wore for my wedding eight years ago. I would want it to feel modern, glamorous, and have a little bit of color.

My favorite celebrity bridal look

Sofia Vergara — her look was classic, modern and sexy all at the same time.

photo sourced from People en Espanol

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