Meet the Solutions Team // Assistant Manager, Ana Oliveira

We’re ushering in a new season at Solutions Bridal, and felt it was time to (re)introduce ourselves.  Through this weekly series, you’ll get to meet our full team, learn about our personalities, hobbies, interests and a few fun facts along the way.  Without further ado, we’ll begin by introducing you to our incredible assistant manager, Ana. 

Name: Ana Oliveira

Title: Assistant Manager

Hometown: Hackettstown, NJ

About me – I am proud mama to Jayden, 9. He is my whole heart and soul. I serve in the kids ministry at my church with the two and three year olds, and that’s how I get my fill of baby snuggles now that Jayden is getting older—but I can’t talk about that, because I’ll definitely cry.  My mom, dad and aunt live here, but the rest of my family lives in Ecuador and Brazil, so I speak three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. I love to travel to really unique places that no one really thinks of as vacation spots like Wyoming, North Dakota and, believe it or not, Ohio. The coolest place I’ve been is Alaska, but I also really loved visiting London.


You’d be surprised to know … that I love to eat junk food and I don’t go to the gym.

What I enjoy doing in my Spare Time: What is spare time? All kidding aside, I don’t have a whole lot of it, but when I do have free time I love to binge watch New Girl. I also really love to go to Fun Spot with my best friend and our sons who are also best friends.  


How I came to work at Solutions … I was working at Henry Bendel and a coworker of mine suggested that I work in bridal, specifically at Solutions. So I looked into it, and quickly realized that it was my passion and calling, but I knew it would also be difficult to get in. I needed to start somewhere, so I worked for another bridal store for about five months, and once I saw an opening at Solutions I applied for the job. I did my research at different stores, because I wanted to find the right path, but I always knew that this was going to be my home.

Best Part of My Job … that every day holds something new. I couldn’t do the same thing every day. I also really love when I get to try on dresses.

My dream wedding will be … think of the Twilight wedding. In the woods, secluded, definitely small, but with an incredible party after the ceremony.

If I chose a dress for myself to wear today … Oh my gosh… I don’t know for a fact that I will wear it when I get married, but there is a Reem Acra that I have had my heart set on since the last market and I’m waiting for it to come into the store so I can try it on.  There’s also a really beautiful blush A-line gown by Rivini that I definitely consider wearing for my ceremony. Time will tell what I actually wear when I get married.

Favorite Celebrity Bridal Look … Well, I know this is a pretty popular opinion, but Princess Diana.  She is my idol. Her wedding and her gown are nowhere near what I want for myself, but you can’t argue with the most iconic wedding look of all time.  When I was 7, I definitely wanted her look, but trends have changed, you know.


What our Solutions Bridal owner, Erica says about Ana:

Ana is one of the most thoughtful people you’ll meet. That tough, Jersey-girl exterior belies her genuinely caring nature. She’s the first person to offer to babysit your kids (seriously, she LOVES babies), make sure you’ve eaten lunch, or check in if you’re having a rough day. I’m sure you’ve seen her looking stunning in wedding dresses on our social media channels, but as assistant manager, she keeps us organized, on task (myself included), and focused. We’d all be lucky to have an Ana in our lives.

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