HerStory: Meet Tara

For this week’s HerStory feature, we are highlighting one of our designers, Tara LaTour. Growing up in a small town, Tara learned to sew from her grandmother who really fostered her creativity from a young age. She shared with me stories of admiring her grandmother as she was a seamstress, always creating something.

Tara lives by the quote “you have to go out on a limb because that’s where the fruit is,” and firmly believes that without failure, success cannot exist. Her vision for bridal came from recognizing that what she wanted to create didn’t exist yet. Tara recounted feeling “destined” to be a designer from a young age and her grandmother was the one who really fostered that creativity in her. Tara would sit with her grandmother as she worked on her latest creation, later gathering up her scraps as she began to make something of her own with her grandmother’s help. Later, her grandmother bought her a sewing machine and by high school, Tara had learned to sew.

In her free time, Tara enjoys coaching a local high school dance team and feels fulfilled knowing she can leave an impact on a younger generation. When interviewing with us, Tara stated she wants to teach them “how to navigate the world as strong women,” and to “stand up,” in order for their voices to be heard. She’s not afraid to ruffle some feathers and aspires to one day become “President of the World,” which she is obviously joking about but she does have hopes to someday maybe running for public office.

Tara’s creativity really shows in all of her designs, particularly through her collection “2019,” which is fashion forward, full of striking color and texture. Each dress is inspired by a prominent woman in history who has “changed the landscape, broke[n] boundaries and changed the game for those of us in 2019 and beyond.” Pictured below, you can see just how unique and special each dress is, which is truly a testament to Tara herself, who is a significant player in the bridal industry. Always pushing boundaries as she thinks outside the box and brings her imagination to life.


A few of the dresses we have in store: