HerStory: Meet Katherine

Hello! I am Katherine, the Solutions Bridal Social Media Manager and Assistant Bridal Stylist. I am excited to share more about my story with you!

How do you define success?

When I feel like I have given my full effort & made something the best it can be. I want to feel like I am using my talents to the best of my abilities. 

When you think about your professional life as a whole, what’s your end goal? 

My end goal is to be making a difference wherever I am and knowing that my talents are being used effectively. I love to learn and see direct areas of growth. I want to feel like there are places for me to develop and excel at, while having fun and bringing positive energy. I want to make people feel loved and appreciated no matter what I’m doing. 

When you were growing up, who did you look up to? What motivated you and how did that shift as you got older?

I always looked up to the women around me like my mother who gave her all in anything she set her mind to. Now I have progressed to a place where I can specifically apply her characteristics to my own life and see distinct parallels to how she handled situations. I think I have always been motivated by my perfectionism, as I want to make sure I am proud of anything I assign my name to. As I have grown I have learned to use it as a strength and less of an obstacle. I know now that my capabilities don’t define me and that is not where is search for fulfillment or worth.  

If you have a daughter someday, what do you want to pass down to her?

I would want to pass down to a daughter a good work ethic and a strong sense of self belief. I would want her to apply her skills to anything she she sets her mind to, but also knowing her worth isn’t found in achievements. I would want her to know she is capable just as she is.

Which female designer do you most look up to? Social media influencer? Actress? Activist? Public figure?

I have admired Julia Engel, from Gal Meets Glam, for a few years now. She built her blog from the ground up and then created a Women’s Ready to Wear line of dresses specifically tailored to her readership. She is always looking for ways to adapt and disrupt the fashion industry. I look up to the fact that she is never content with being static and is consistent in creating new streams and ideas for her audience. I think the qualities I find admirable in her can be applied to any area of work or life.

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