HerStory: Meet Dede

Happy Sunday everyone! We are ending this month’s series with a bang by featuring Dede Cowart, owner of Miscellaneous Market and Creative Director at RW Events. When we asked her to be featured in this series, we KNEW she would mention her amazing mother Tamuel Cowart who owns Rentals by RW Events, as well as both local venues: Luxmore Grande and Cypress Grove Estate House. These two women are both power houses as they are incredibly well known and loved here in the Orlando Wedding Community and continue to inspire and impact all who know them. Their venues are intimate and truly stunning and the teams they work with are incredible!

Here is Dede’s response back to us! It was too good not to include it all.

“Ultimately I want to create, inspire, and connect with genuine people. I want to be a part of elevating moments and celebrations, making the simplest of things feel substantial and sophisticated.

I hate to sound cliche but my mom has always been my biggest influence, cheerleader and mentor; both directly and indirectly. She has always allowed me to be who I am and provided the reassurance to know that I could do whatever the hell I wanted. Owning a store, having a graphic design + branding background, the desire to be a creative entrepreneur has all stemmed from being apart of and observing my mom as a business owner. I think it’s extremely important for girls + women to know that they can have it ALL. We can be great bosses, wives, and mothers simultaneously. It is not mutually exclusive. Being great at one does not and should not stop us from being great at the other. Women are amazing, capable, and strong. I feel fortunate to know this and to know that I can have it all, because I was raised by an amazing, capable, and strong woman. I want to be in a position to show other women their potential and power, with a little creativity mixed in.”

Dede, you are inspiring and all things lovely and the true definition of “Women Supporting Women.” Also, everybody needs to go check out her store, it is seriously stunning.