Meet the Solutions Team // Assistant Bridal Stylist, Marchae Jackson

We’re ushering in a new season at Solutions Bridal, and felt it was time to (re)introduce ourselves.  Through this weekly series, you’ll get to meet our full team, learn about our personalities, hobbies, interests and a few fun facts along the way.  Without further ado, we’ll introduce you to our rockstar assistant bridal stylist, Marchae Jackson.

Marchae wearing Maria Elena

Name: Marchae Jackson

Title: Assistant Bridal Stylist

Hometown: Miami Beach, FL

About me: Ask anyone who knows me well and they will say I am a walking enigma. I can be wild and exciting, dancing to my favorite music, but I’m also introspective and love to just sit and write — mainly narratives. My background is in therapy and counseling. I have my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and I am a solutions-based coach.  I drive to work every day listening to soca or soulful, worship music, and the team will tell you I serenade them by singing along to Whitney and Celine in the store.

I’ve been married to my husband Mack for five years, and we have a two-year-old little boy, Massai. Mack and I love to watch movies together and critique them. Our most-recent favorite was “Black Panther.”  In my spare time, I love to go to Disney. I obviously love to ride the rides, but I also enjoy trying all of their specialty cocktails and looking at all of the merchandise. I love to wear Disney-inspired looks and clothing.

Marchae and Mack Wedding    Marchae with Massai

My favorite memory from my wedding …  My intro to our reception! Mack and I walked out to “We still in this…” by BoB. When I look back on my wedding, I realize how unconventional I am. Our focus was not to be super traditional, we were focused on having an amazing party with our closest friends and family to celebrate our marriage.

How I met my husband …  We met when I was four and he was five.  Supposedly we “dated” in our early teens, but I swear I don’t remember that — my closest friends and cousins, and Mack himself all remember it but I don’t?!   We grew up together, but we were in different friend groups. We ended up going to the same college and reconnected while hanging out on “The Set” at FAMU. At first, I didn’t give him the time of day, but then he became my best friend. I fell in love with his voice first, because his voice was the one I heard every morning. I realized I liked him and was totally freaked out, then I realized I was in love with him and was even more freaked out. He was patient through it all — and still is today — and pursued me every step of the way.

Marchae at Disney    Marchae and Mack at a Wedding

You’d be surprised to know …  I’m actually an introvert. I aim to be very personable and relational with our clients, but I am very uncomfortable in large groups where all the attention is on me. However, when I’m comfortable and at ease with people I know well and love, I will dance in the middle of a circle if I’m feeling good!

Best Part of My Job …  My favorite thing is when a bride turns to me and says “Can I see it with a belt?” I also really love when a bride falls in love with something she never expected.  Recently I had a bride I really connected with end up choosing a crown to wear with her locks, and she looked so regal. It was amazing!

How I came to work at Solutions … I spent the last three years working as a substance abuse therapist, in industry in which the burnout rate is very high. I knew I needed to take a step back, and bridal fashion is something that I have always wanted to be involved with — I have always wanted to style brides. Living my life with a “shoulda, woulda, coulda” mentality was something I never wanted to do, so I decided to try it. Solutions was the first and only place I applied. I was actually in the middle of praying when Ana called me to offer the job!

Marchae wearing The Newport dress   Marchae wearing Maria Elena stars

If I chose a dress for myself to wear today …  A very classic, sleek and well-tailored gown with buttons all down the back. I would definitely rock gloves with it as well.

My dream VOW RENEWAL will be …  This is something the team teases me about because I talk about a vow renewal all the time! They joke that I have four different parties planned in my head. It would definitely be intimate and formal, with my closest family and friends.

Favorite Celebrity Bridal Look  …  Cynthia Bailey’s wedding was so classic, but also so different at the same time. She wore a silver-gray gown that was absolutely amazing. I will say, I am holding out for Janelle Monae to get married because she is someone whose style I really love. 

Cynthia Bailey Wedding    Cynthia Bailey Wedding stairs     Cynthia Bailey wedding vows

What Erica says about Marchae:  “Marchae is the reason I tell everyone: “You should always have a therapist on staff!” She reads people so well and can provide exactly what you need at the moment. Stressed out? She brings serenity. Overwhelmed with decisions? She can break it down to the basics and make things feel more manageable. Getting married at Disney? Prepare for her joy-filled squeals. Marchae is the accessories queen and can belt any dress to add that “wow” factor. She is an integral part of the SB team, and you might hear us call her “Google” because she can name any dress or accessory off the top of her head. (Which is no small feat when there are hundreds of names to learn.) Marchae brings so much fun to the team and is loved by everyone.”

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