Finding Your Perfect Gown; For The Chic Bride

Each bride dresses differently, are in different age groups, and shop at different stores and boutiques so finding your dream gown can be difficult!  I am going to do a bridal fashion segment over the next few weeks on designers and gowns that reflect your everyday style. Brides who dress preppy, chic, classic, eclectic, edgy, and even comfy all deserve a gown that compliment their them.

For the bride that wears tailored clothes and black and shops at stores like BCBG, Banana Republic, or even All Saints, finding your dream gown can be difficult. I myself would describe myself as someone who dresses chic and sophisticated so I chose a few chic gowns I thought that brides all over would love.

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Gowns for the Chic Bride

Lorna by Kenneth Pool is one of my favorite gowns. I have never seen this dress in person, but I know Kenneth Pool uses quality fabrics and the quality of their gowns are remarkable, so I imagine this gown is breath taking. This gown is for the modern bride who still wants to feel like a bride. I’m not going to lie, the neckline on this gown isn’t made for everyone, but for the right bride, I think perfect. I would wear this gown.
lorna kenneth pool kp lorena back lorna top kenneth pool
Cheyanne by Rivini is a classic gown, but I love this gown. It is very modern with the details and the tulle train, but the high neckline makes this a gown you will still love in 30 years. I tried this gown on personally and fell in love. The silk fabric is soft but has a slight stretch to it, reminding me of clothes I own already. It felt like something I would wear.
Chayanne front rivini Chayanne back rivini
Felicite by Anna Maier is for the bride who is high fashion. This gown is so clean, timeless, but also very current. When I saw this gown for the first time I thought of designers and celebrites like Dior, Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn. I could imagine this gown at a classic church wedding or an elopement in Europe. Pair this gown with amazing accessories and an up do and you will look so regal.
felicite front anna maier chic wedding gown chic gown by anna maier

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